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STG's Joyously Busy Great British Adventure Map (2nd edition)

STG's Joyously Busy Great British Adventure Map (2nd edition)

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 Perfect for map lovers, adventurers and, well, anyone! The Great British Adventure Map features 2,500 of Britain’s great wild places, mountains, islands, beaches, waterways, viewpoints, eccentric events and long-distance routes, peppered with some randomly inspiring trivia and amusingly quirky touches.

The Joyously Busy Great British Adventure Map, to give it its full name, is a full-colour, two-sided map folding out to 100 cm x 89 cm, featuring:

  • BRITAIN'S TOP 50 Britain’s very best adventure destinations, from the Isles of Scilly to Shetland.

  • ADVENTURE LOCATIONS Over 2,500 of Britain's best wild places, mountains, islands, beaches, rivers, lakes and viewpoints.

  • LONG-DISTANCE ROUTES Britain's top walking and cycling / mountain biking routes, alongside classic road, train and ferry journeys.

  • EVENTS & TRIVIA Loads of adventure-related festivals, eccentric events, record-breaking places and inspiring feats.

  • TRIP PLANNER Comprehensive help for planning your trips and adventures in Britain, with carbon footprints for 150 journeys.

  • ACTIVITY GUIDES Oodles of great suggestions to inspire your next Great British Adventure.


Full-colour, two-sided map - 100 cm x 89 cm. Size when folded - 23 cm x 13 cm.

Printed on FSC-certified professional mapping paper.

Dreamed up, designed and made in sunny Britain.

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