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Topographic Map Commissions

Topographic Map Commissions

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Features included (if applicable)

A 1:25,000 scale drawing of your chosen location.
Contours set at 50 meter intervals for mountainous regions.
Contours set at 10 meter intervals for non-mountainous regions.
Stylised walls/boundary features.
Stylised roads, rivers, streams, tarns, and lakes.
Stylised mountain names, crags, and public rights of way.

    Further information

    Only available for areas that have Ordnance Survey map coverage. Areas outside of Great Britain can be drawn but there must be available a 1:25,000 scale map for reference. 

    1:50,000 scale drawings may also be available. 

    Pricing (GBP)

    I charge £35 for an initial 1x1km drawing. An extra £15 is then added per square km requested.

    For example, a map covering 4 square kilometres would cost £80 (the initial £35 + 3 x £15). 

    For areas larger than 4 square kilometres please get in touch to arrange your commission, I'd be delighted to draw you something larger. 


    Please allow at least three weeks for the completion of a 1x1km drawing. These maps take an enormous amount of time to create, so the bigger the map the longer the wait. I will be in regular contact, and you're welcome to request an update at any time. 

    Further Questions

    If you require any further information please don't hesitate to get in touch - 


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